Elegant Windows & Doors Ltd, are proud to announce, that they are now members of checkatrade. Checkatrade are a dedicated site, that recommend tradesman, to become a member, all tradesman are put through a strict vetting process (face to face) and all details are logged and photographed, showing that we comply, for example, we have adequate liability insurance, we are a member of a self certification programme (Certass) we are registered with companies house and hold a valid Vat certificate and we are who we say we are, all this can be seen on their website, and shows that it has been verified and also reviews of our work from previous customers will be shown, scoring us out of ten on our standard of work.

Checkatrade and Elegant Windows and Doors Ltd are both keen to see the back of cowboys in the double glazing industry who only give our trade a bad name, there are good companys out there and this is how we like to promote ourselves, totally transparent and nothing to hide.

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