At Elegant Windows and Doors, we have an excellent range of bi-fold doors in a variety of stand-out styles.


We want to implement a touch of luxury to your home with our high-quality doors.


We only use the best materials in our doors so that we can guarantee durability and customer satisfaction.


Reasons to buy bi-fold doors


The Bi-fold door has many benefits, including:


  • They take up less space
  • They look very contemporary
  • They can be energy saving
  • They come in a wide range of materials
  • They offer great levels of security
  • They can be customised to the style of your house
  • They can add natural light to your house, especially in dark rooms
  • They are extremely weather-proof
  • They are very durable
  • They can be used for anything from showers to kitchen doors
  • They offer a great lead to conservatories and orangeries
  • They have minimal wear and tear so are long-lasting


This list of benefits is not extensive and we are sure that you can find much more ways to enjoy bi-fold doors.


Some people worry that bi-fold doors are too expensive, but as they become increasingly popular they are now more cost-effective than you may think.


Bi-fold Doors Materials


For the best in bi-fold doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors offer, Upvc and aluminium doors.


You may have to pay more attention to the material used in your bi-fold doors than you could in standard doors.


Traditionally oak is the material used in bi-fold doors, but aluminium and Upvc is becoming popular due to its modern appearance.


As aluminium looks classy, you can find it in historical buildings that are trying to keep up with modern times, while retaining their charm.


Saving Space


One of the main reasons that people chose to install bi-fold doors is to save space. Usually when doors are opened you will need space for the door to open inwards or outwards, but bi-fold doors can save over 85% of the space that you would need for traditional doors.


This is the main reason why they are popular in smaller houses, so that they give the illusion of a larger room. They are also a great way to integrate outdoor and indoor spaces.


Quality Materials


The internal bi-fold doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors have on sale are manufactured using aluminium and Upvc that will stand the test of time.


All of our doors are finished to a high standard and will compliment any decor. You can buy bi-fold doors in many shapes, colours, and sizes and we can guarantee that you will impress your friends when you invite them over for dinner.


If you are in the market for bi-fold doors, Swindon is the city to head to, as Elegant Windows and Doors have many years of experience in the industry.


Give us a call today and we can discuss your individual requirements.