Your front door welcomes people into your home. It sets the first impression of the rest of your home.


A good front door can make your home look stylish and will offer security for you and your family, and a bad one will do the opposite.


Your front door should be strong and durable as well as being easy to clean. Of course, while the quality of your front door is something that you need to think about, if it looks great, that would be a bonus too.


If you want the best in composite doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors has plenty of great designs on offer for you.


The Benefits of Composite Front Doors


When looking for Composite doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors understand what our customers need.


If you are looking for a front door that suits your style and is made of strong of materials, you should consider the following benefits of having a composite door.




There are a number of composite doors that our Swindon team from Elegant Windows and Doors has to offer, including:


  • High security door lock
  • multi point locking system for ultimate security 
  • 3 opposing steel hooks that offer the ultimate in strength
  • Anti-lift bolts preventing any chance of keys becoming dislodged
  • Bespoke door hinges that can be adjusted to fit a number of requirements
  • Q-Lon weather seals of the highest quality
  • Reinforced galvanised steel
  • Various colour Lock handles


Number of Products 


  • Security Dog Bolts
  • Gold, chrome black locking handles
  • Letter plate for all handle options
  • Low PVC threshold




  • Plain (including white and warm white)
  • Woodgrains (including mahogany, golden oak and rosewood)
  • Prestige woodgrains (including rustic cherry, soft cherry, and antique teak)
  • Solid colours (including grey, green, and black)


Performance of Composite Doors 


When it comes to energy efficiency, door energy can be enhanced when the glass specification is at its maximum.


In terms of weather efficiency, Elegant Windows and Doors guarantee that all of our products adhere to European standards, including those on air and water performance.


Lastly, security performance is one of our top priorities, and we meet the requirements of the PAS24 and all  ‘Enhance Resistance’ testing.


Composite doors are the ideal alternative to PVCu doors that are common in many households today. If you are looking for a door with a more traditional feel, a composite door is a good option for you.


With a variety of colours and styles on offer, you can never be accused of being boring when it comes to making your home look stylish from the outside to inside.


If you are looking for reliable composite doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors have plenty of choice on offer.


Browse our website today or give us a call for more information about our products and services. We offer doors to suit all budgets and are very happy to help you give your guests the best welcome possible.