Bi-fold doors are very popular at the moment as they transform the look of your house. The simple addition of bi-fold doors can create a whole new appeal that makes your home look stylish and welcoming.

Bi-fold doors are a modern design of door that is often used for the following:

  • To create space in small houses
  • To add a modern look to a traditional house
  • To link one room to another
  • To integrate indoor and outdoor living space


Add Light Into Your Home 

Bi-fold doors are very aesthetically pleasing and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You can replace your patio doors or french doors with bi-fold doors, or you can completely revamp your room. Knocking down a wall to install a bi-fold door can easily allow a great deal of natural light into your home.

If you love the idea of light flooding your home and you want to invest in bi-fold doors, Swindon based Elegant Windows and Doors stock a range of styles.

Bi-fold doors can be fully opened during summer so that you can head straight into your garden from your dining space, or they can be partially opened.

There are lots of styles and materials on offer and our bi-fold door Swindon team will be able to advise you on what is best for your home.


Energy Efficiency and Performance 

Some people believe that bi-fold doors are not as energy efficient as standard doors. This belief is likely to be due to that fact that people think heat will escape through the large sheets of glass used in bi-fold doors.

 Bi-fold doors are very energy efficient as they share the same double sheet design as double glazed windows. At the moment, these doors are not a part of the BFRC energy rating scheme but they would meet the specifications that were required if the rainbow label was introduced.

When it comes to protection against the weather, bi-fold doors perform very well. Bi-fold does may look fragile but they are sturdy. Elegant Windows and Doors ensure that all of the products that we carry adhere to European standards and can withstand the heaviest gusts of wind.



The only downside of having bi-fold doors is that there is a lot of glass to clean! While this may be a chore at times, the overall look of your home will benefit from your hard work.

As mentioned, bi-fold doors are very safe, so there are no particular safety issues when it comes to maintaining your doors. If you do not think you would be able to clean your windows there are always window cleaners for hire.

If you are thinking of investing in bi-fold doors for your home, contact one of our experienced customer service representatives today. You can transform your home in a matter of weeks when you invest in bi-fold doors, Swindon retailers Elegant Windows and Doors have to offer.